Clean rooms

All preparation and filling is performed in clean rooms (SS-EN/ISO14644-1 class 8, GMP EU class D). The intention here is to constantly guarantee the highest possible production hygiene. Naturally, we also comply with the standards relating to cleaning, personal hygiene and clothing.


LTF’s undertaking to our customers is to always concentrate on quality above all else. We are certified according to ISO 13485 (Medical device products) and meets ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics).

Planning and design

The factory is designed with hygiene, safety and optimum flows in mind. The clean rooms are divided into cells so there is no contact between open products via the air. The premises are pressurised and double doors create air locks which make the entrance of unfiltered air impossible.

Inflammable goods

We have specially designed and approved spaces and machinery for the storage, preparation and filling of inflammable goods.


All our process water is produced in our very own RO facilities, where it becomes purified water (water quality “Aqua Purificata” according to the European Pharmacopoeia).